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Breast Prosthesis Fitting

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We Guarantee that our Breast Forms (Prosthetics) will Fit Beautifully & Seamlessly, you'll Love your renewed Silhouette!

You have found your one Stop Shop for Breast Prosthetics, Fittings,Bras & Tops:

  • Caring, Personal & Compassionate Amoena Certified Fitters
  • Single & Double Mastectomy prostheses fittings
  • Lumpectomy fittings
  • Reconstruction Balancing
  • Amoena Natura Light Breast Forms & Balancers
  • Amoena Adapt Air prosthetics (You can adjust the  size)
  • Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Forms
  • Registered with BC Pharamacare 
  • Mastectomy Brands: Amoena,  ABC, Anita Rosa, Royce

Imagine your renewed confidence when you look into the Mirror & see how Beautifully & Seamlessly your Symmetry has been Renewed!

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Natura Our most popular Breast Prosthesisa
Natura Breast Forms
Amoena Adapt Air Prosthesis

Amoena Adapt Air Prosthesis

Amoena Aqua Wave Swim Form
Mastectomy Breast form

Amoena Natura Breast Form

Comments from our Breast Cancer Clients:

"I walked around for years with ill-fitting breast forms. I just thought "good enough" was the way it had to be. Fiona took one look at me and very diplomatically suggested that I might be better off with a different style. Sure enough, the form she chose was perfect -- even while I'm wearing just a mastectomy bra, there's almost no visual difference between the mastectomy side and my real breast. And then she showed me that I had other lingerie/camisole options that I didn't even know existed! Many thanks to Fiona and the staff for not only showing me that I didn't have to live with "good enough," but also for their advice on how to file the claim forms." - Joy B.

"So much to chose from and such excellent service! I went in hoping to find a good fitting bra and I wasn’t disappointed. Fiona devoted her time to finding me what works for me! I couldn’t be happier and couldn’t wait to put on my new bra this morning!" - Susan K.F.

""I traveled all the way from Bellingham, WA to Silhouette and not only did they have a stellar selection, Fiona, the owner, spent over an hour sizing and fitting me in multiple bras! I am not your average size and have been striking out in finding anything that fits, but after my visit I went back across the border so happy and with four bras that fit like a dream! Thank you so much, Fiona! We will be back!"

- Maya V..