Breast Reconstruction Balancing

Silhouette Mastectomy shop has the expertise to help with restoring shape and symmetry to your breast reconstruction or lumpectomy. Our experienced staff can help you perfect and restore your personal look and shape with breast shapers and inserts.

Many reconstructions may fall short of perfection based upon many factors. If you are having only one breast reconstructed, it may be very difficult for the surgeon to match the existing one exactly. Maybe the surgery didn't go as planned or perhaps a tattooed nipple doesn't meet expectations, or you don't want a tattoo. Weight changes may cause one side to change shape differently than the other. You may also find that multiple surgeries are not what you want and need some help to improve what has already been done. Silhouette cares and is here to help you.

With a variety of breast shapers or balancers and silicon nipples, we will carefully and compassionately work with you to ensure that your resulting shape meets your standards and is as uniform and balanced as possible.

Once healing is well underway, please book an appointment for a consultation. Appointments usually take 20-45 minutes, depending on the complexity of your issues.

Please phone us at (604) 541-1007 to discuss your needs.