Silhouette Covid-19 Safety Policy

Silhouette would like to thank all of our customers who helped to support us during these last few trying months. We understand the difficulties that everyone is going through and we are very appreciative of your patronage.  It is  great to see so many of you, our customers returning during this Phase 2. and we would like to congratulate everyone for taking this seriously and continuing to practice social distancing and sanitization while visiting our boutique.

Silhouette is pleased to introduce our implemented plans to keep you safe during this pandemic. We continue to open with reduced hours, and will review this often as we gauge customer need. Please review our Contact Us page for details.  

We have implemented the following policies and procedures in order to keep all of our customers safe as well as our staff:

  • We are limiting customers in the store to a maximum of 2 in order to ensure proper distancing, this may increase slightly if we observe that this is working well and there is still plenty of room. Often there is one customer in a change room that means that there is plenty of room for 2 more on the floor to browse. So far, everyone is being very considerate to keep their distance from fellow shoppers. 
  • If a client arrives and there are already several clients in the store, we will ask that they please wait just outside the entrance doors (it is covered) - please respect this, we don’t want to lose your business, but safety is our prime concern. We will do our best to get you in as soon as possible.  
  • We strongly support customers that phone in to setup a fitting appointment – you will be given priority.
  • For our clients that are currently going through cancer treatments, and thus immune compromised, we are more than happy to schedule a private fitting (with no other clients in the store) before or after standard store hours to ensure your safety. We will take every precaution possible to keep you safe such as: specially sanitizing our mastectomy change room, re-sanitizing all common touch points within the store, including the front door and providing assistance during the fitting while wearing a face mask. 
  • We have placed a hand sanitization table just inside the entrance to our shop and we strongly encourage every customer to use this before entering further into the shop. Please be patient with us if we ask that you do this, it is for everyone’s safety. If your hands are sanitized, it will be much safer for everyone when you touch clothing to try on. 
  • All Sales Associates have been asked to stay at home should they have any of the symptoms that have been published by BC Health. We ask that you be considerate as well and only visit us if you are symptom free, No fevers, No un-explainable coughing (ie. not allergy related), no respiratory symptoms of any kind. 
  • We start our day roughly ½ hour before opening, by sanitizing all door handles, glass, touch surfaces, change rooms, payment terminals and all other areas that are likely to be touched by many people – thus each day at opening time, we are fresh, sanitized and ready to go! 
  • After each client leaves our shop, we go back into the change room that was used and sanitize it before anyone else uses it. Additionally,  any garment/bras that have been tried on will be taken to the back storage room and steam cleaned and also removed from the public for 24 hours to ensure that it is safe for someone else to try on.
  • The extra cleaning time for us to deal with garments that have been tried on is substantial, so we kindly ask clients to chose carefully the items that they are interested in to reduce the number of garments that are touched. 
  • We have installed a plexi-glass barrier at the sales desk to prevent any air born particles from being shared between yourself and the Sales Associate, while at the Sales counter. 
  • If clients are immune compromised, or feeling uneasy about entering the store, we are available by phone to take orders and here at this on-line store. Curb side pick can be arranged, or we can have your purchase shipped directly to you.

Every mastectomy product that is sold at Silhouette in-store is also available on-line. If you are simply replacing an older bra or prosthetic of known size, this is a great way to shop and helps reduce the number of people in the store at any one time. If you are unsure of your size, please Contact us and we will be glad to look it up for you.

A big thank you again from the Staff at Silhouette, we greatly appreciate your choice to shop local. We are sure that you will find this new way of shopping to be a pleasant and safe experience.


Fiona Mulligan.