Best Mastectomy Prosthesis Fitting Services

Mastectomy Bra & Breast Form Fitters in South Surrey, BC

A mastectomy fitting is the process of selecting the best, artificial breast prosthesis to seamlessly match the natural breast of a mastectomy client or to restore shape for other types of breast surgery. The following information will help you understand this process and the fitting services available to you once your healing is well underway.

First Six Weeks After Surgery
Before you are fully healed, to look and feel more like yourself you can choose to wear a comforting Post Surgical Bra or Compression Bra with a light Leisure Breast “Puff”. These special bras can be worn prior to a full prosthesis fitting and will provide gentle and comforting support with minimal irritation while you continue to heal. Silhouette Mastectomy can expertly fit you for this interim step.

Six to Eight Weeks After Surgery
You’ll likely be well healed enough to wear a “weighted” breast prosthesis. Silhouette staff are reputable certified mastectomy fitters and can fit you with a high-quality breast form. We use only the best forms designed and manufactured in Germany by Amoena. A professional fitting will have you feeling like your former self in no time! Even your spouse or partner will have a difficult time telling the difference!

Our professional mastectomy bra fitters have extensive training from our suppliers Amoena Canada and ABC to ensure that you'll receive an optimal, comfortable fitting while being treated with compassion and patience. Our services are specifically tailored for women who have undergone surgery for:

• Double mastectomies (radical mastectomy)
• Single or partial mastectomies
• Lumpectomies
• Breast reconstruction or reduction balancing

Mastectomy Breast Prosthesis A Reputable Shop will follow a full detailed fitting process to actually fit you. This sounds obvious but, unfortunately, in many cases, this does not happen.

A full fitting entails careful assessment of your surgical site to understand its depth and shape, making measurements of your bust and chest size. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to try on several carefully selected breast prosthetics, to ensure that the best one will blend seamlessly with your body.

Ethical Mastectomy Fitters will NOT simply hand you a prosthetic and tell you to go into a change room and try it on by yourself — or worse, ask you what your breast cup size is and try to sell you one without asking you to try it on. That type of mastectomy shop is only interested in sales, not your health.

Note: Even a double mastectomy requires a full fitting due to how the surgery on both sides often varies.

A Certified Mastectomy Fitter will do your fitting and is trained, usually by manufacturer-based education programs, to fit breast prostheses and bras. They're skilled in knowing which products work best with different surgery types, and how to approach special circumstances. A professional fitting should be conducted in a manner that offers you professionalism, compassion, and complete fitting privacy to reduce any anxiety you may have.

There is an extensive variety of Breast Forms available to cover all situations. They‘re available in all sizes (including plus sizes) and shapes to work with various depths of surgical sites and conditions unique to your surgery, such as scaring or voids left by lymph node removal. (Note: breast forms are not sized by cup size)

Breast Prosthesis bra and pocket The fitter will start with an assessment of the condition of the scar at the mastectomy site, which should be fully healed with no bleeding or weeping. Some tenderness of the surgical area is expected.

The next step is to determine the proper bra size by taking measurements at strategic points on the chest wall and around the rib cage. We start with bra sizing because it is crucial to how well and naturally the prosthesis will fit.

The Mastectomy Bras of today are pretty, stylish and feminine, while providing the support essential to keeping the prosthesis in the correct position.

Although it is not mandatory to use a Mastectomy Bra to support a breast prosthesis, it is highly recommended for extra comfort and to ensure that the breast prosthesis stays in place.

Determining the most appropriate Breast Prosthesis is the next step. The fitter will note the shape and drape of the existing breast (for single mastectomies) as well as the depth and shape of the surgical site.

Prostheses come in many shapes such as teardrop, triangle, heart shaped and more. Additionally, some forms are tapered into the underarm area for surgeries that have removed some of the tissue there.

Prosthesis fittingAn excellent test of a good fit, at the end of the fitting, will be for a you to dress in a smooth camisole after putting on your mastectomy bra and breast form and then visually confirming that the prosthetic blends seamlessly and provides perfect symmetry. At this point, you should then close your eyes and feel through the camisole that both breasts are the same in texture, softness, fullness and shape. They may not be 100% identical, but they should be extremely close. A proper fit will be able to pass both of these inspections.

A yearly visit to the fitter is also a good idea. Women’s bodies change in response to hormonal and weight fluctuations. The natural breast will change accordingly and a change in prosthesis may be needed to maintain symmetry. If this is your first fitting, a 6-month check up is recommended. Before leaving the fitter’s facility, instructions on the prosthesis use and care, as well as the retailer’s return policy, should be provided.

A superb new breast form technology to be considered is exclusively designed and manufactured by Amoena. It is the “Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis”, and as the name suggests, it's designed to be easily inflated or deflated by up to one size to accommodate changes in your shape over time. If your natural breast has increased/decreased in size a little, you can pump up or deflate the prosthetic to match it perfectly. Many clients find this to be an excellent option over needing to be refitted.

Premium prostheses manufacturer’s such as Amoena, have a two-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects. This does not include punctures or damage from perfumes or other personal toiletry items. Daily cleaning with Amoena Breast Form Wash and storing the prosthesis in its cradle when not in use, should keep your Amoena breast form in great shape and extend its life.

Private Dedicated Fitting Room
Our mastectomy fitting room was built with your privacy and comfort in mind. It contains all of the prosthesis and breast forms that we require to restore your figure, without you having to leave the room. Book an exclusive, free fitting to ensure enough time with one of our certified fitters. Contact us here to book.

A final note: Pharmacare/Medicare and most private insurance providers must be contacted before you are fitted - often they will deny your claim if they have not been contacted first. Most medical providers do have some sort of coverage for breast prostheses and in some cases, mastectomy bras. If you're in doubt about your coverage, please call the number on your insurance card and inquire.

Please be aware that more often than not, your breast form costs will not be covered unless you have been fitted at a registered mastectomy shop.

Silhouette Mastectomy has specialized in providing and fitting cancer survivors with well-fitting bras, prostheses and beautiful, comfortable apparel for over 12 years. And based on our many years of working with women who've had breast surgery, and the many of us who've had family members dealing with cancer surgery, we hope our services can empower you with the best fit and look, giving you renewed confidence.