Amoena Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis
Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis by Amoena
Amoena Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis
Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis by Amoena
Amoena Canada

Adapt Air Breast Prosthesis

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An "Adapt Air" breast form, by Amoena Canada is a form that adjusts to your unique shape with air-chamber technology. The breast form can be "pumped" up (or deflated) and the air stays locked in until you decide to change the size.

This breast prosthesis is a form that truly hugs your concave or uneven chest wall and can be changed to adapt to body changes from any type of swelling  caused by weight gain, water retention and monthly cycles.

Sometime various bra styles need just a little bit more volume to fill out the bra cup. With the "Adapt Air" breast form,  you can easily add or subtract from the cup size. Imagine how many times you wish that you could have changed by 1/2 a cup size?  Now you can!

For further information and a You Tube video:  Amoena Adapt Air


  • Adjust the volume simply by adding or releasing air using the pump device included
  • Comfortably hugs the unique contours of your chest wall
  • Visual symmetry - Adjustable volume adapts to you unique shape or bra style 
  • Temperature-equalizing patented Comfort+ technology offers all-day comfort
  • Lightweight silicone and air chamber technology make the breast forms 25% to 40% lighter*, depending on the style.
  • Style #328 form is for a breast that is swallow, where the style #326 form is for a fuller, average breast

*Compared to standard silicone forms of the same shape and size

Sizes:  1-14
Cup Form Style: Shallow (328) / Average (326)